The Defense 12 (or D12) is what Empty Shell is all about...innovation. Designed entirely from the ground up. The D12 is a Bullpup 12ga shotgun that is intended for personal protection and defense. An idea that runs so deep, it is emblazon in the body of the D12... "To Protect And Defend Innocent Life" isn't just the motto of the D12, but the foundation it was designed around. A pump shotgun that carries a multitude of features not found in any other shotgun on the market today. From a ambidextrous ejection and removable trigger pack, to an Intuitive safety and built in strike plate. The D12 is filled with intuitive, simple solutions, to almost any situation. The Defense 12 WILL BE commercially available upon release. 

The Defense 12 other features include:        

  • 3 Lug rotating locking bolt
  • 2 pin takedown   
  • Adjustable length of pull  
  • Removable Magazine  
  • M-lok ready
  • Multiple sling points
  • Lightweight
  • Changeable Strike Plate

Status: Prototype / Still In Development