Defense 12 Waiting List - (closed)

We have decided to start a NO MONEY DOWN / NO OBLIGATION waiting list for the D12 Bullpup Shotgun. This list will help us gauge the interest and potential volume numbers for the initial production run (slated to begin mid 2017). Right now we are limiting the list to one (1) Defense 12 Bullpup Shotgun per person. Dealers MAY BE able to reserve more in the future (we will notify dealers if this happens). The list will also retain your place in line when we start contacting everyone on the list. 

First come first served. We will contact people, in the order the request was received. Exact placement on the list, will NOT be revealed. This will only lead to constant phone calls and emails slowing us down from getting production out. When we contact someone on the list, they have the option to pass, and we will simply move down to the next person in line. Please DO NOT waste our time, or anyone else on the list by placing your name on it, if have no intent on purchasing a Defense 12. We expect the MSRP to be between $800 - $1300 (more affordable is preferred).  Make sure there is a valid FFL Dealer to ship to upon shipment.   

We will update Instagram on the progress of the D12. As we get ready to ship out Defense 12's, a refundable deposit "may be" taken to secure the order. This is NOT set in stone as we despise taking money for products that have not be completed.  There is nothing worse than paying for a product and having complications hold up the release. We have watched other companies make customers wait years to collect a product they have paid for and we find that completely unacceptable.  Here's the fine print: The shipment, production schedule, production numbers, colors, are NOT guaranteed. We have the right to change, modify, stop, or alter the terms of anything regarding this post or the Defense 12 at anytime, without notice.

The list has been closed for now. Thank you to those that have signed up.